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3CRFW200 3Com Firewall Desktop PCI Card with 10/100 LAN

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3CRFW200 3Com Firewall Desktop PCI Card with 10/100 LAN


3ComĀ® Firewall Desktop PCI Card with 10/100 LAN works with the 3Com Embedded Firewall Policy Server (sold separately), extending firewall filtering and auditing capabilities across your enterprise-including PCs located inside and outside the network perimeter. (Firewall configuration and management require the purchase of 3Com Embedded Firewall Policy Server.) This unique combination of firewall hardware and management software delivers superior protection and flexibility that software-only firewalls can’t match. The critical advantage of our firewall card over software-only products is tamper resistance. Built into each firewall card is an onboard RISC processor that enforces security transparently to end users, local applications, and operating systems. This embedded firewall hardware is practically impervious to Internet attacks, end user actions, or malicious code. Equally important, each firewall card can be configured and managed only through an authenticated 3Com Embedded Firewall Policy Server. Even if a protected desktop is invaded, the firewall card prevents a corrupted host from being used as a launching pad for further invasion into the network. When combined with our policy server, the 3Com Firewall Desktop PCI Card lets you easily and cost-effectively deploy network security when and where it’s needed. You can distribute tamper-resistant security by installing firewall cards on a scalable system-by-system basis. Then, use the policy server to configure policies appropriate for the desired level of security and push those policies across the network to the firewall cards. The firewall card plugs into a desktop PCI slot, replacing the conventional Ethernet or Fast Ethernet LAN connection. In Windows XP or 2000 environments, TCP and security tasks are offloaded to the card’s security processor, helping boost system performance.