3CRWX375075A (JE484A) 3Com 3750 Wireless LAN Managed Access Point



3CRWX375075A (JE484A)  3Com 3750 802.11a/b/g Wireless LAN Managed Access Point

HP 3750 Wireless MAN Managed Access Point (JE484A)

3Com AP3750 Managed Access Point provides IEEE 802.11a and 802.11b/g wireless access to the network. The access point is designed for use with a 3Com Wireless LAN Switch, and requires hardware installation only. All configuration for the access point takes place on the 3Com Wireless LAN Switch. You must have a wireless switch device to operate the access point. Three WLAN switch devices can be connected to the access point:

•3Com WX4400

•3Com WX1200

•3Com WXR100

Power is supplied via Power Over Ethernet (PoE). The following 3Com PoE devices supply power to the access point:

•3Com PoE Injector

•3Com 4400PWR PoE Switch

•3Com Multi-port PoE power supply

•3Com 5500 Series PoE capable switches

•3Com WX1200

•3Com WXR100