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AIR-LAP521G-E-K9 Cisco Aironet Wireless Express Access Point

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AIR-LAP521G-E-K9 Cisco Aironet Wireless Express Access Point


Cisco Systems 802.11g LWAPP AP Integrated Antennas ETSI Cnfg – AIR-LAP521G-E-K9 (Networks Wireless Antenna)

The Cisco 521 Wireless Express Access Point is a single-band 802.11g access point that features business-class management, security, and scalability. This access point offers high-performance wireless connectivity in carpeted offices and similar environments. The Cisco Mobility Express Solution brings together the 521 Access Point and the Cisco 500 Series Wireless Express Mobility Controller to provide a flexible, cost effective wireless solution specifically designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The Mobility Express Solution aligns with the Cisco Smart Business Communication System-a unified communications solution for SMBs that provides voice, data, video, security and wireless capabilities while integrating with existing desktop applications like calendar, e-mail and CRM to provide a complete solution.
The Cisco 521 Access Point delivers optimal value for carpeted offices and similar environments. Built-in antennas provide omni-directional coverage specifically designed for today’s open workspaces. A multi-purpose mounting bracket easily secures Cisco 521 Access Points to ceilings and walls. With an unobtrusive design, the access points are aesthetically appealing and blend into their surrounding environment. For maximum concealment, they may be placed above ceilings or suspended ceilings. The access point’s UL 2043 rating allows it to be placed above ceilings in plenum areas regulated by municipal fire codes. Offered at a competitive price point and optimized for easy installation and operation, the Cisco 521 Access Point helps organizations attain a lower total cost of ownership.
Low-profile design unobtrusive design blends into environment
Hardware-assisted AES encryption provides high security without performance degradation
802.11g radio provides 54 Mbps of capacity and backward compatibility with legacy 802.11b clients
IEEE 802.11i-compliant; WPA2 and WPA-certified helps to ensure interoperable security with wireless LAN client devices from other manufacturers
Industry-leading radio design provides robust signals to long distances & mitigates the effects of multi-path signal propagation for more consistent coverage
Integrated antennas complete system is deployable out of the box without external antennas & provides omni-directional coverage for offices and similar RF environments
Variable transmit power settings allows access point coverage to be tuned for differing requirements & Low-dBm setting supports closer spacing of access points in high-density deployments
Multipurpose and lockable mounting bracket provides greater flexibility and ease of installation to walls, ceilings, and suspended ceiling railways & accommodates standard padlock for theft deterrence
Inline power support (IEEE 802.3af and Cisco Inline Power) provides an interoperable alternative to AC power, Simplifies deployment by allowing power to be supplied over an Ethernet cable and compatible with 802.3af-compliant power sources