WS-C2950SX-24 Cisco Catalyst 2950 24 10/100 Ports + 2 1000-SX Uplink Ports



WS-C2950SX-24 Cisco Catalyst 2950 24 10/100 Ports + Two Fixed 1000BASE-SX Uplink Ports

Cisco Catalyst 2950SX-24 is a member of the Catalyst WS-C2950SX-24 Series Intelligent Ethernet Switches, and is a fixed-configuration switch that provides wire-speed Fast Ethernet connectivity for midsized networks.

 The Catalyst 2950 Series is an affordable product line that brings intelligent services, such as enhanced security, high availability and advanced quality of service (QoS), to the network edgewhile maintaining the simplicity of traditional LAN switching. When a Catalyst 2950 Switch is combined with a Catalyst 3550 Series Switch, the solution can enable IP routing from the edge to the core of the network.

24 10/100 ports and two fixed 1000BASE-SX uplink ports

1 rack unit (RU) stackable switch

Delivers intelligent services to the network edge

Enhanced Software Image (EI) installed

Ideal for advanced desktop access layer connectivity over fiber