DWS-3024L L2+ Unified Wired/Wireless Gigabit Switch + 4 SFP Ports



DWS-3024L L2+ Unified Wired/Wireless Gigabit Switch + 4 SFP Ports


DWS-3024L: 24-Port Gigabit L2+ Unified Managed Switch including 4 x Combo 1000BASE-T/SFP ports (support 24 access points)

Link’s DWS-3024L is a Gigabit wireless switch designed for wireless network deployments in business environments. With this device, organizations can install high-performance, secure, manageable and scalable unified wired/wireless LAN switching. With combo SFP, Power over Ethernet (PoE) and redundant power supply (RPS) support, this Gigabit wireless switch provides enterprises with a easy way of upgrading to next-generation 802.11n wireless LAN. With the ability to deploy wireless devices regardless of physical locations and centralised management, upgrading is made easy.


  • Unified wired/wireless network management with PoE on every port
  • Automatic adjustment of RF channels & output power on the Access Points (APs)
  • Gigabit Connectivity ready for upcoming high-speed wireless standards
  • All the features of a Layer2+ managed switch
  • Fast roaming across physical APs and logical IP subnets, ideal for VoWLAN deployments

Centralised Wireless Network
The DWS-3024L Gigabit Wireless Switch consolidates the security, manages the bandwidth and maintains the intelligence of the entire wireless network. Profiles including SSID, QoS settings and encryption keys are only configured once and then applied to the managed APs. In addition, virtual SSIDs can be linked to VLANs, providing wireless traffic segmentation and load balancing can be achieved by configuring thresholds on each radio.

Flexible Deployment
The DWS-3024L offers a complete set of management features, so it can be used as an edge switch that unifies both wired and wireless traffic. The other way to deploy the switch is at the network core, in an overlay wireless network where traffic is tunneled to the switch for centralised data forwarding decisions.

High Performance, Easy Deployment
Designed for distributed deployments in the wiring closet, the wireless switch can support up to 24 wireless APs (DWS-3024 supports up to 48 APs – the only difference other than cost between the 2 products). They can either be directly connected to the wireless switch ports, or indirectly connected through a LAN switch. In deployments with large numbers of APs, up to 4 switches can exist in a peer group, to allow roaming between APs managed by different switches. With 802.3af PoE integrated into every switch port, the APs may be located away from power sources. With Gigabit connectivity, an investment is future-proofed as the network is prepared for next-generation 802.11n wireless devices.

Dynamic RF and Power Management
Managed APs can be configured to periodically leave their operational channel and scan other channels within the frequency range, allowing the wireless switch to build a complete RF map and dynamically assign the operating channel on each AP.
In addition, the output power can be tuned to minimize interference. Operating channels and output power are automatically adjusted on any new event in the system, such as an AP being added or being removed. The switch can also be programmed to automatically readjust channels and power at regular intervals (eg every 6 hours) or at set times (eg 2:00am each day).

Authentication & Security
The DWS-3024L provides user-based services such as virtual private group (SSID) membership, encryption type, authentication, location tracking and associated network statistics. All deployed DWS-3024L share information about wireless clients associated with the APs, ensuring roaming users do not need to re-authenticate when hopping from one AP to the next. In addition to checking the identity of a connecting user from the switch’s local database, user authentication policies can be forwarded to an external RADIUS server for complete verification. This offloading capability ensures that the wireless switch will not overload when clients are simultaneously connecting to the network. APs themselves must authenticate with the wireless switch: failure to do so results in the AP being classified as “Rogue”.

Simplified Configuration & Deployment
Through a centralised management platform, network maintenance and configuration become a more efficient process. If any access point were to fail, administrators can instantly identify the location of the failed AP and immediately swap it out with another AP. The DWS-3024L automatically configures the new AP with the same settings as the previous unit.

Maximum Performance
In addition to performing enhanced Layer 2+ forwarding, the DWS-3024L also provides Layer 3/4 and identity-tracking capabilities. Through centralized RF policies, auto-selection of the least utilised channels and AP load balancing, the switch can effectively manage the wireless bandwidth to optimise WLAN traffic. Fast roaming can take place, not only across different APs but also across logical IP subnets, ideal for guaranteeing seamless connectivity in Voice over WLAN deployments. The switch also offers resilient functions such as redundant load-sharing Gigabit links, 802.1Q VLAN traffic segmentation and IGMP snooping vital to supporting IP multicast streams.

Maximum Network Protection
Each client connecting to the wireless network goes through a strict authentication process to ensure maximum security. Whether the client is an assigned user, visiting guest or just has department access, the DWS-3024L protects the entire network infrastructure with its vast array of security protocols, including WPA/WPA2, 802.1X user authentication, and 802.11i standard security.