3C16071 (JE698A) 3Com SuperStack II Advanced Redundant Power System Chassis 8 Slots

3C16071 (Empty Chassis)

The SuperStack II Advanced Redundant Power System (RPS) offers you flexibility to supply power to your network SuperStack II devices in the event of a failure of an internal Power Supply. The system is a group of products from which you choose the most suitable for your equipment and its configuration. It can supply up to eight SuperStack II networking units.

Product Overview:
SuperStack II Advanced RPS Chassis 8 Slots Empty

Features :
1 The chassis has two AC mains inputs and holds the Power Modules and optional management Module.
You may opt for the chassis fitted with four 60-watt Power Modules (3C16070) and four standard DC cables or you may purchase an empty chassis (3C16071) for you to fit your selection of Power Modules.

The chassis has LEDs on the front panel to provide information about status of the chassis and the Modules it contains. INPUT (power present) LEDs are allOfficeConnectated to the two power inputs. An Over Temperature (OVERTEMP) LED indicates if the temperature within the chassis rises above a safe level or a fan fails. Each Module Port has two LEDs showing the state of its Module and its power output.

The 3C16070 box will contain:
A chassis containing four 60 watt Power Modules
Chassis can hold a total of eight modules

The 3C16071 is an un-populated chassis

Optional Power Modules Available:
– 3C16072 60 Watt Power Module – This is suitable for powering SuperStack II units requiring up to 60 watts DC power.
– 3C16073 100 watt Power Module – This is suitable for powering SuperStack II units requiring up to 100 watts DC power.
– 3C16079 optional ‘Y’ DC cable used to connect to power modules to one SuperStack II unit for full redundancy.
– 3C16080 optional managment module. It allows full managment of the Advanced RPS via SNMP.