3C16487 (JE738A) Baseline Switch 2824-SFP Plus



3C16487 (JE738A) Baseline Switch 2824-SFP Plus

HP Baseline SFP Smart Switch (JE738A)

Features & Benefits

Affordable, Versatile Smart Gigabit Switch 

The “smart” 3Com® Baseline Switch 2824-SFP Plus  sets new standards among small business Gigabit switches with 16 Gigabit ports and 4 SFP slots. A user-friendly web browser lets even network novices easily set up and maintain a network. Wirespeed, non-blocking Layer 2 throughput and a switching capacity of up to 32 Gbps can handle the most bandwidth-intensive applications. Gigabit ports can be used for connections to high-performance computers, as well as high-demand servers. Class of service (CoS) traffic prioritization makes sure real-time applications run effectively and enables the switch to operate in larger networks.

Any of the available ports can be trunked, or aggregated, to create an ultra-high bandwidth pipe to the network core. Copper and SFP-based fiber connections can be mixed together for versatile operation. VLAN support allows administrators to segment their network and divide available bandwidth, while traffic monitoring helps keep the network running at optimum performance even during busy traffic periods.

The switch also promotes “ease of use/plug and play” installation, operating straight out of the box, so it’s up and running in minutes. With features like auto MDI/MDIX and autosensing ports, the small business switch eliminates the most common cabling errors and simplifies installation, as well as detecting and adjusting the speed of connected devices to optimize network performance.

Small business configurations can vary, so the 3Com Baseline Switch 2824-SFP Plus is designed to operate as a free-standing or rack-mounted unit included mounting kit.

The standard 19-inch, one rack-unit-high (1 RU) enclosure optimizes valuable office space. Sturdy design and construction pays off in high reliability and long service life.

Limited Lifetime hardware warranty and advance hardware replacement provide peace of mind long after deployment

Sixteen Gigabit copper ports support high-speed connections for demanding desktop applications, servers, network aggregation, and uplinks to the network core

Four dual-purpose ports support Gigabit copper or SFP transceiver slots for multimode shortwave fiber (1000BASE-SX) or multimode longwave fiber (1000BASE-LX) connections the switch has a total of 16 ports.

Link aggregation combines copper or fiber ports to create up to four ultra-high-speed trunks, with up to eight ports per trunk, substantially increasing bandwidth to the network backbone or other switches

VLANs (up to 256) enable administrators to group users based on data or traffic requirements to ensure that traffic flow is directed according to priority business needs

An intuitive, web-based user interface allows even network novices to set up and administer the network

To help administrators get top functionality and performance out of the switch, an online help system supports them through every configuration step, providing key information about switch functionality and features

Non-blocking performance means the switch operates at full wirespeed on all ports, delivering unimpeded access to network resources

Auto MDI/MDIX on all ports simplifies installation and reduces cabling errors; auto-negotiation accommodates mixed-bandwidth LANs

IEEE 802.1p CoS traffic prioritization enables networks to run real-time multimedia applications more effectively by reserving bandwidth for time-sensitive traffic and allows the switch to operate in larger networks

One Rack Unit (1RU) form factor optimizes rack space

Product Specifications

Ports: 24 10/100/1000BASE-T and 4 dual-purpose ports for Gigabit copper or SFP slots for 1000Base-SX or 1000Base-FX fiber. Auto MDI/MDIX on all ports.

Media interface: RJ-45

Ethernet switching features: Wirespeed, non-blocking Layer 2 switching; Store-and-forward forwarding; Full-/half-duplex auto-negotiation; 802.1p CoS traffic prioritization, IEEE 802.1Q VLANs

MAC addresses supported: 8,000

Physical dimensions: Height: 4.36 cm (1.7 in
Width: 44 cm (17.3 in)

Depth: 17.2 cm (6.7 in)

Weight: 3.6 kg (7.93 lb)