3CR17280-72 (JE098A) Switch 5500G Open Services Module (OSM)



 Switch 5500G  Open Services Module (OSM)

HP E5500G OSN Module (JE098A)

Feature & Benifits

  • Open Services Networking (OSN)  from 3Com enhances business networks to reduce costs, maximize revenue  and more effectively address business challenges as they arise
  • Supports a wide range of  applications and services, including 3Com and third-party applications  and those developed in the open source community; some of these,  deployed on the OSM, are VoIP, on-demand and streaming video services,  WAN optimization, network monitoring and visibility
  • Reduces the need for additional appliances  or devices, as applications are embedded in the switch
  • Eliminates redundant management of multiple devices
  • Ensures maximum performance and reliability, as data flows to the Switch 5500G  OSM can occur across the backplane of the switch or stack of switches,  with authentication and secure communication within the switch
  • Supports application upgrades  and rollbacks
  • Offers  compatibility with SNMP management tools