3C16685 3Com SS II Dual Speed Hub 500 Management Module



3Com SuperStack II Dual Speed Hub 500 Management Module

Features & Benefits

High-Performance Management for High-Traffic LANs

This module is designed for demanding environments that require network management, security, and bandwidth optimization. Web-based management lets you access management data from anywhere on the network. The module also provides advanced security features and resilient links.

  • · Full SNMP and RMON support provides remote system monitoring, error tracking, and recovery capabilities
  • · Manages up to eight hubs, added to any one 3Com® SuperStack® II Dual Speed Hub 500 in a stack
  • · Offers full in-band Telnet management sessions over WAN links
  • · Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) support enables downloads from a central location
  • · Smart autosensing detects and adjusts to cable quality to help optimize bandwidth usage and reduce network problems

Product Specifications

· Management support: Eight SuperStack II Dual Speed Hub 500s in a stack

  • · Management software: 3Com Transcend Network Supervisor V2.0, 3Com Transcend Network Control Services Version 1.2 for Windows NT, 3Com Transcend Enterprise Manager Version 6.3 for Windows NT
  • · Standards: SNMP: RFC 1157, ARP: RFC 826, IP: RFC 791, ICMP: RFC 792, UDP:RFC 768, TCP: RFC 793, TFTP: RFC 783, SLIP: RFC 1055
  • · MIBs: MIB II: RFC 1213, MAU: RFC 1515, RS 232: RFC 1659, RMON: RFC 1757, RMON2: RFC 2108