3C17511 (JE907A) 3Com Switch 8800 1-Port 10Gbase-X (Xenpak) Module

HP 1-Port 10GbE XENPAK 8800 Module (JE907A)

Product Description

This module provides an ultra-high-performance 10Gigabit Ethernet connection. 10Gigabit Ethernet is a standards-based method for connecting at a speed 10x that of Gigabit Ethernet, or 10 Gigabits per second, while retaining critical Ethernet properties such as pack format. The module requires a XENPAK-style transceiver, sold separately, to provide the physical media connection. XENPAKs offered by 3Com for the Switch 8800 include 10GBASE-LR for single-mode fiber up to 10 Km, and 10GBASE-ER for single-mode fiber up to 40 Km. 10Gigabit Ethernet is the perfect aggregation technology when deploying gigabit to the desktop or for interconnecting core and distribution switches. Use 10Gigabit Ethernet to connect one Switch 8800 to another with a similar module, or to another switch with a standards-based 10GBASE-X connection.