3C17708 (JE921A) 3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4050



3Com 3C17708 Switch 4050 6-port 1000Base-SX/6-port 1000Base-GBIC/12-port 10/100/1000 Switch

HP (JE921A)  Switch 4050 6-port 1000Base-SX/6-port 1000Base-GBIC/12-port 10/100/1000 Switch

Media interfaces: RJ-45, MT-RJ

Switching features: Full-rate nonblocking switching on all Ethernet ports; full-/half-duplex autosensing and flow control; 802.1Q VLAN support; 802.1p and multilayer traffic prioritization; Layer 3 switching supporting OSPF, IP unicast routing, RIP/RIP2, ARP, ICMP, CIDR, UDP Helper, IP multinetting; routed access control lists

Management: Web interface management, command line interface management, SNMP management via 3Com® Network Supervisor (60-day trial version provided on accompanying CD)

Please Note: To implement XRN technology, purchase of optional 3Com XRN Interconnect Kit, or GBIC Fabric Interconnect with GMS Advanced Feature License, is required.