3CGBIC91 (JD485A) 3Com 1000BASE-SX Multi-mode GBIC Transceiver Module



3Com 1000BASE-SX 850nm Multi-mode 550m GBIC Transceiver Module.

HP X120 1G GBIC SC SX Transceiver (JD485A)

Features & Benefits

Flexible Gigabit Ethernet Connections
A Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC) is an industry-standard modular transceiver that offers increased flexibility for Gigabit Ethernet connections.

This GBIC transceiver can be used in those 3Com switches and modules which support GBIC modules. GBICs can be mixed and matched on a given switch to maximize flexibility.

A current list of these products can be found on the “Product Specifications” tab under the heading “This Product Supports”.

Enables one 1000BASE-SX connection