3CRBSG5293 (JE009A) 3com Baseline Plus 2952 Switch



3Com Baseline Plus 2952 Switch 48 X 10/100/1000Mbps Switch + 4 x SFP

HP 1910-48G Switch (JE009A)

 The 3CRBSG5293 3Com Baseline Plus Switch 2952 is a “smart” voice-ready web-managed Gigabit switch with extensive layer 2 functionality and layer 3 static routes. It offers enterprise-class features, customized and priced for small- and mid-sized organizations.


Forty eight 10/100/1000 ports and four Gigabit SFP ports; front-panel console port for CLI management

Auto-voice VLAN automatically assigns Voice over IP (VoIP) traffic to a voice-dedicated VLAN, optimizing this delay-sensitive traffic

VLANs segment the network by grouping users based on their data or traffic requirements, making the best use of available bandwidth

IEEE 802.1X network access control provides standards-based security combined with local authentication


No need to configure the switch if default settings are acceptable

Jumbo Frame support for reduced network load

Easy-to-use browser based tools allows remote detection of cable issues