3CRWE876075 (JD016A) 3Com Wireless 8760 11a/b/g PoE Access Point



3CRWE876075 (JD016A) 3Com Wireless 8760 11a/b/g PoE Access Point

The 3Com Wireless 8760 Dual Radio 11a/b/g PoE Access Point is a cost effective dual band, Power over Ethernet (PoE) wireless solution for enterprises of all sizes. This access point is a fully featured dual radio access point that functions simultaneously with an 802.11b/g and an 802.11a radio. Providing ultra-fast speeds of up to 108Mbps in turbo mode this access point supports up to 64 wireless users per radio, a total of up to 128 wireless users in all leaving plenty of room for growth.

Get high-capacity, high-security, enterprise-class wireless networking for your office in a single, compact device with the 3Com Wireless 8760 PoE Access Point. Dual internal radios offer both 802.11a and 802.11b/g standards allowing a broad range of devices to connect to the network. The unit’s two external dual-band antennas are capable of blanketing a coverage area with an expansive operating range.

Don’t let the need for power limit where you place your access point. The 3Com Wireless 8760’s power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology can use a single Ethernet connection for both power and data, so there’s no need to use the included power adapter if there are no nearby outlets.