3CRWX385075A (JE485A) 3Com 3850 Wireless LAN Managed Access Point



3CRWX385075A (JE485A)  3Com 3850  54Mbps Wireless LAN Managed Access Point

HP 3850 Wireless MAN Managed Access Point (JE485A)

3Com AP3850 Managed Access Point provides IEEE 802.11a and 802.11b/g wireless access to the network. The access point is designed for use with a 3Com Wireless LAN Switch, and requires hardware installation only. All configuration for the access point takes place on the 3Com Wireless LAN Switch. You must have a wireless switch device to operate the access point. Three WLAN switch devices can be connected to the access point:

•3Com WX4400

•3Com WX1200

•3Com WXR100

Power is supplied via Power Over Ethernet (PoE). The following 3Com PoE devices supply power to the access point:

•3Com PoE Injector

•3Com 4400PWR PoE Switch

•3Com Multi-port PoE power supply

•3Com 5500 Series PoE capable switches

•3Com WX1200

•3Com WXR100