WIC-1ADSL Cisco ADSL 1-Port WAN Interface Card



WIC-1ADSL Cisco ADSL 1-Port WAN Interface Card

The ADSL WAN interface card is a 1-port WAN interface card for the Cisco 1700 series of modular access routers. The card provides asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) high-speed digital data transfer between a single customer premises equipment (CPE) subscriber and the central office

 On Cisco 1700 series routers, the ADSL WAN interface card fits into a Cisco 1700 series router chassis.

 The card supports data and voice networks through the asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) protocol with the AAL5 format. ATM quality of service (QoS) for permanent virtual circuits (PVCs) is also supported.

 Manufacturer: Cisco

Part Code: WIC-1ADSL

Product Description: Cisco DSL modem

Device Type: DSL modem

Enclosure Type: Plug-in module

Digital Signaling Protocol: ADSL Lite, ADSL