3C10399B (JE217A) 3Com NBX 3100 Entry Phone



3C10399B (JE217A) 3Com NBX 3100 Entry Phone

HP 3100 Entry SL Phone (JE217A)

Features & Benefits

The 3Com 3C10399B 3100 Entry Phone with its exceptional affordability, outstanding audio quality, compact form factor, and easy operation offers organizations a perfect solution for common areas and other business environments that require a simple connection to the IP telephony system. Designed as a cost-effective replacement for a traditional analog phone, the 3100 model can utilize a standard Ethernet connection no separate voice cable run is needed. Please let us know if you have any questions on the 3Com 3C10399B 3100 Entry phone.


Extends voice communications to manufacturing floors, office lobbies, visitors’ workspaces, warehouses, and common areas

Offers an outstanding value for basic IP telephone connectivity

Allows one-wire connectivity between the phone and a 10/100 switched Ethernet port