3C17205 (JE036A) 3COM Switch 4400 24 port PWR



3COM  Switch 4400 24 port PWR

HP SuperStack 3 4400 24-port PoE Switch (JE036A)

Features & Benefits

In-line Power over Ethernet Switch with 24 10/100 Ports
The SuperStack® 3 Switch 4400 PWR combines Power over Ethernet technology (IEEE-802.3af) with the advanced features, simplicity, and style of the SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 family.

The compact stackable 1-RU design provides power and data over a single cable to any compliant device, including 3Com NBX phones, wireless LAN access points, Network Jack, and IntelliJack™ products.

Power over Ethernet eliminates additional electrical cabling costs and greatly reduces total installation time and expense, helping to lower the total cost of ownership, especially when paired with networked telephony solutions.

The switch supports all SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 enhanced capabilities, such as traffic classification and prioritization, traffic filtering, and IEEE 802.1X network log-in for user-based security.

The Switch 4400 PWR can stack with other enhanced SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 devices to form a resilient switch stack of up to 384 10/100 ports. This allows distribution of high-speed connections across the stack (up to 4Gbps) for resilient, high capacity connections to the network core, including those running with 3Com XRN™ technology.

Optional switching modules provide resilient high-speed connections such as Fast Ethernet, including 100BASE-LX (Ethernet in the First Mile), and Gigabit Ethernet copper or fiber links

Data switching and Power over Ethernet (PoE) integrated into one unit, saves rack space, excess cabling, and the need for multiple backup systems— simplifying installation of networking devices

Complies with the IEEE 802.3af specification

Shares the enhanced switching feature sets of the SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 family, including advanced Layer 4 traffic classification and prioritization, and RADIUS security network login and accounting

User network login with IEEE 802.1X and RADIUS, combined with RADIUS Authenticated Device Access (RADA), based on MAC address, provide secure network access control at the network edge

Authenticated users can be automatically placed into a specific VLAN, restricting access only to the data needed

Secure Shell (SSH) encryption of login passwords, management VLANs, and management station “trusted IP address” lists help protect network from rogue management threats

Add optional switching modules to provide resilient high-speed connections, such as Gigabit Ethernet backbone links, or 100BASE-LX 10 links for Ethernet in First Mile over Point to Point Fiber (EFMF)

Ideal solution for NBX voice telephony installations, as switch automatically prioritizes NBX voice traffic; guaranteed power support for up to 24 NBX phones per switch

Pre-configured PoE power profiles for 3Com equipment eases power budgeting; use with networked phones and 3Com Network Jacks and IntelliJack™ products and enterprise LAN access points


Mix and match 24-port and 48-port SuperStack 3 Switch 4400s to create a resilient stack of up to a total of 384 10/100 connections


Redundant power for all stacked units using the 3Com SuperStack Advanced Redundant Power System


3Com Network Supervisor software (60-day trial included) supports automatic prioritization of real-time or critical traffic


Product Specifications

Total ports: 24 auto-negotiating In-line Power 10BASE-T /100BASE-TX ports configured as automatic MDI/MDIX; 2 module slots accommodating media modules or stacking modules

Ports for supported modules vary by module: see the “Product Specifications” tab for each module for details


Media interfaces: RJ-45

Interfaces for supported modules vary by module: see the “Product Specifications” tab for each module for details


Ethernet switching features: Full-/half-duplex autonegotiation and flow control; IEEE 802.1Q VLAN support; IEEE 802.1p traffic prioritization, DiffServ, Multi-Layer Packet Classification; IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Control Protocol; IEEE 802.1X Radius Network Login; IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in First Mile over Point to Point Fiber (EFMF)


Power over Ethernet: IEEE 802.3af standard; 15.4W per port, 150W total; 24 NBX phones per switch


Management: Web interface management, command line interface management,

3Com Network Supervisor, 3Com Network Administrator


Height: 4.4 cm (1.7 in)


Width: 44 cm (17.3 in)


Depth: 30.4 cm (12.0 in)


Weight: 4.6 kg (10.1 lb)


Please Note: The 3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 PWR is not stackable with the 3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 SE 24-Port (3C17206).

SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 software version 5.1, minimum, required for 100BASE-LX (IEEE 802.3ah EFMF) module operation.