3C17263 3Com Switch 5500G-EI Resilient Stacking Cable (1.2M)



Features & Benefits: This cable is used between the top and bottom units of a stack of 3Com® Switch 5500G-EI switches, so as to add resiliency to the 3Com eight-high XRN® Stacking. Each Switch 5500G has two built-in XRN Stacking ports at the rear of the unit. A 3Com Switch 5500G Stacking Cable goes from the first stacking port of one switch to the second stacking port of the next switch, in and out, switch to switch, down the stack. This Stacking Cable then completes the stacking loop by connecting the top switch’s available stacking port to the bottom switch’s available stacking port. – Adds resiliency to a stack of 3Com Switch 5500G-EI switches, using 3Com eight-high XRN Stacking. – May also be used to connect two Switch 5500G-EI switches at a distance up to 1.5 m or 4.9 ft.