3C17462 (JE010A) 3COM SS 3 Switch 3870 Stacking Cable 30cm




3COM SuperStack 3 Switch 3870 Stacking Cable 30cm

HP X250 S3870 Stacking Cable (JE010A)

Product Specifications

Connect the Switches in a SuperStack 3 Switch 3870 Stack
This cable is used to connect the units of a stack of 3Com® SuperStack® 3 Switch 3870 switches.

Each SuperStack 3 Switch 3870 has two built-in 10Gbps stacking ports at the rear of the unit. This cable goes from the first stacking port of one switch to the second stacking port of the next switch. Up to eight switches can be stacked together in this fashion.

If resilient stacking is desired, the SuperStack 3 Switch 3870 Resilient Stacking Cable also is needed. This Resilient Stacking Cable completes the stacking loop by connecting the top switch’s available stacking port to the bottom switch’s available stacking port

  • · Length: 30cm (11.8 in)