3COM 3C17712 SuperStack 3 Switch 4900 4-Port 1000BASE-LX Module

HP 4-port 1000Base-LX 4900 Module (JE925A)

Features & Benefits

Fiber Gigabit Ethernet Backbone Performance

This module delivers four ports of Gigabit Ethernet switching over long-distance multimode and single mode fibre optic cabling. It supports Layer 2 switching capabilities, virtual LANs and VLAN tagging, multicast filtering, and seven groups of RMON

 Wire-speed, nonblocking Gigabit Ethernet switching helps deliver maximum performance

 Spanning Tree, resilient links, and link aggregation ensure fault tolerance

This Product Supports…

3Com® Switch 4070
Product # 3C17707-US

3Com® SuperStack® 3 Switch 4900 SX
Product # 3C17702-US

3Com® SuperStack® 3 Switch 4900
Product # 3C17700-US