WIC-1T Cisco 1-port serial WAN interface card

The 1-port serial WAN interface card (WIC-1T) provides serial connections to remote sites or legacy serial network devices such as Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC) concentrators, alarm systems, and packet over SONET (POS) devices


 One serial port.

 Uses the Cisco 60-pin “5-in-1” connector. This connector is DB-60 on one end and can be V.35, RS-232, RS-449, X.21 or EIE-530 on the other end depending on your needs

 Uses the same cabling as Cisco 2500 and Cisco 7000 serial ports

Does not support hot swap, however no hardware damage will occur if it is swapped while the power is on.

 Each serial card has one LED, labeled CONN for each port, which lights when the serial port is connected. When the port is in data terminal equipment (DTE) mode, the CONN LED indicates that Data Set Ready (DSR), Data Carrier Detect (DCD), and Clear To Send (CTS) have been detected.

 When the port is in data communications equipment (DCE) mode, it indicates that Data Terminal Ready (DTR) and Request To Send (RTS) have been detected