NetGear WFS709TP ProSafe 9 Port Smart Wireless Controller

The NETGEAR ProSafe Smart Wireless Switch is a full-featured wireless controller that centrally

manages 16 access points, delivering integrated wireless mobility, security and converged

services for both wired and wireless users.


Supporting up to 256 users per ProSafe Smart Wireless Switch, the WFS709TP has built in PoE

support on all eight 10/100 interfaces. With a Gigabit Ethernet port typically used to connect

the Wireless Switch to the network backbone, WFS709TP supports advanced security features

such as 802.1x, EAP-PEAP, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, 802.11i, MAC address, SSID and location-based



With identity-based security features such as support for RADIUS, LDAP and AAA server

support, NETGEAR ProSafe Smart Wireless Switch truly unifies wired and wireless access

without compromising on security.