3C16950 (JE841A) 3Com SuperStack 2 Switch 1100



3C16950 (JE841A) 3Com SuperStack 2 Switch 1100


 3Com 3C16950 SuperStack II Switch 1100 provides the smoothest migration to Fast Ethernet with 24 Ports of 10Mbps and 2 Ports of 10/100Mbps autosensing to adjust automatically to the speed of the attached devices. The SuperStack II Switch 1100 features an optional expansion modules slot.   Includes latest code, backplate and brackets


Features & Benefits

 3com 3C16950 switches support SNMP and 3Com Transcend network management applications
The Switch 1100, 3300, and 3300 FX can be managed with a Command Line Interface by connecting a terminal to the serial port or via Telnet, or graphically using the resident Web interface.
MIBs supported: New MAU MIB (RFC 2239), RMON II Probe Config (RFC 2021), RMON (RFC 1757), RS 232 MIB (RFC 1659), IfStack Table (RFC 1573), Bridge MIB (RFC 1493), SNMPMIB II (RFC 1213)
Plus additional SuperStack II MIBs for stacking, security, and resilience